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What We Do

The MAX approach is unique in its synergistic collaboration of skilled intelligence analysts and experienced regional field ops. We utilize advanced analytical methods and real-world experience to bring you timely, relevant, and actionable intelligence and recommendations in the form of situation updates, analyses, monthly reports and more. From tactical updates to major security threats, we cover everything that may impact your organization’s operations.

Superior Quality

We use today’s most advanced analytical
methods, combining them with an
innate understanding of intelligence
gathering to bring you superior quality

Real-time reporting

Understanding that timeliness is of
essence, and we work to bring you the
information you need in real-time so that
you never miss a beat.

Global coverage

Today’s business environment is
increasingly global, and so are we. We
provide intel reporting in every country
worldwide to ensure all your interests are

Industry experience

With 25 years in the industry and almost a
decade of intelligence reporting, we know
how to find and provide insights on the
situations that are relevant to your
business continuity.

In-depth and relevant intel

Knowing that intelligence can come from
anywhere, we triangulate and assess
information from a variety of sources to
make sure reports are not only in-depth
but also concise and relevant.

Actionable recommendations

We work to provide insights that allow you
to take a proactive approach to risk
management by providing
recommendations and actionable
assessments that protect your bottom
lines and your people.




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